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History of “Byelkamit” company and its development


  • Decision to build factory “Gidromash” was made in Alma-ata.


  • “Gidromash” factory was constructed and commissioned focusing on manufacturing of combat underwater rockets, torpedoes “Squall” and “Eagle”.


  • Within the framework of the program “Nunn-Lugar” on «Joint reduction of threat», in cooperation with the New York firm «Byelocorp Scientific, Inc.» (BSI) and financial support of the U.S. government a joint Kazakhstan-American-Italian enterprise “BYELKAMIT” was established. The factory started its reorientation on manufacturing of civil commodities.


  • The first batch of new products, namely cryogenic vessels for storage of liquefied gases (argon, nitrogen, oxygen), is made. More than 300 units of such vessels were exported to Western Europe.
  • LLP “BYELKAMIT” received ASME certificate on manufacturing and designing of the vessels working under pressure, with stamps “U”.


  • LLP “BYELKAMIT” received certificate of compliance with quality control system standard ISO 9001:1994 issued by BVQI
  • President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. visited LLP “BYELKAMIT”.
  • LLP “BYELKAMIT” received first order to manufacture oil and gas equipment for the Kazakhstani market. Within the framework of Tengiz Chevroil contract, ten vessels working under pressure, certified under ASME standards with stamp “U”, were produced.


  • LLP “BYELKAMIT” took part in the program on removal of nuclear reactor BN-350 (Aktau). Within the framework of this program hundreds of special equipment were manufactured according to the international standards and PNAE standards.


  • 89 pressure vessels certificated by ASME and by
  • stamp “U”, 20 storage tanks with API 650 standard were produced for the Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V..


2002 – 2004

  • LLP “BYELKAMIT” took part in reconstruction of Atyrau refinery. The project was administered by JSC Corporation (Japan). Volume of work: 51 pressure vessels according to ASME, 4 storage tanks with API 650 international standards.


  • Construction of second-generation plant for pumping of unstripped gas on Tengiz oil field, customer “Tengizchevroil”. Volume of work: 34 pressure vessels, 19 platforms for railway tanker loading facility. For this project, “BYELKAMIT” launched manufacturing and delivered 110 air cooled exchangers (with volume of 5000 tons).
  • During this period LLP “BYELKAMIT” manufactured more than 8,000 tons of steel structures for Tengizchevroil and Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V..


  • Equipment for North Buzachi oil field, customer: Chinese National Oil Corporation. Volume of work: engineering, production, delivery and installation of 22 units of block separation equipment.
  • Expansion and reconstruction of “Tortkuduk” uranium mine, “Moinkum” field. Customer: LLP JV “Katco”. Volume of work: engineering, production, delivery and installation of non-standard equipment.
  • Production of glycol vessels made of stainless steel with ASME codes and stamp “U”.  Customer:
    Karachaganak Consortium. Volume of work: engineering, production and delivery of 4 units.
  • Implementation of project on manufacturing of wellhead equipment and realization of procedures on welding of nickel alloys regarding API 650 standard jointly with FMC company.


  • Manufacturing of memorial “Sorrow arch” to victims of repressions in 1930s, installed near Astana, in administrative center Akmol, formely Malinovka village.
  • Production of 2 torch separators and 2 torch trunks. Customer: «P.T. Istana Karang Laut» company. Volume of work: engineering, production and delivery to Turkmenistan.
  • Production of equipment (autoclaves) for construction sector. Customer: “Borsk silica plant” (Russia), LLP “MVT”, LLP “Ekoton Batys”, LLP “AktobeStoryIndustria”, LLP “Concrete Products”. Volume of work: engineering, production, delivery and installation. In total 29 autoclaves for manufacturing of construction materials.
  • Manufacturing of 71 units of different types of equipment for “Petrokazakhstan Kumkol Resources”.


  • Signing and contract implementation with “Syrymbet” company for engineering and manufacturing of 97 units of the columned, capacitor and non-standard equipment working under pressure in acid environments and executed from a carbonaceous steel, with an internal sheeting. The equipment is intended for a complete set of skilled-experimental factory on complex processing of stanniferous ore.
  • Upon the request of  “KazakhOilAktobe” the company manufactured and delivered installments, designed for complex processing of associated gas, implemented in block-modular execution, consisting of 17 modules, 5 column typed devices, 15 vessels and 4 heat exchangers. Moreover, LLP “BYELKAMIT” produced and delivered turnkey chambers for receiving and launch of refining equipment.
  • Expansion and reconstruction of production facility for manufacturing purposes, delivery and installation of steel bridge metal construction for construction of two bridges over the Ishim river, in Astana. To provide timely and high-quality implementation of the contracts, new high-tech equipment was purchased, which allows to speed up process of sandblasting of metal sheets and laying them out with new plasma and oxygen cutting machines. The opening ceremony of the bridge “Ramstore” which lies across the river Ishim was held on the Independence Day of our country. Construction of the second bridge M3 near the residence of the Kazakhstan president was completed. Overall, in 2008 LLP “BYELKAMIT” has made more than 5,000 tons of a bridge metal construction.


  • Production and implementation of delivery of the most complex non-standard large sized equipment, with diameter 5600 mm, technological equipment (in total 27 units), designed for construction of new plant for manufacturing sulfuric acid for JSC “Kazzinc”, Ust Kamenogorsk.
  • Implementation of two contracts with Belgium company Enex Process
    Engineering Ltd., within the framework of State Concern “Turkmengaz”, delivery of 13 units of equipment installed on frames, completed with connection piping, sealing armature, regulating, reducing, return and safety valves. Equipment is intended for two compressor stations KS Bagtyjarlyk and DKS Dovletabad-2 on a gas pipeline in Turkmenistan.
  • In November 2009, implementation of a unique project on manufacturing and construction of complicated design tank T-22 for crude oil, with 30 000 sq. m. volume, with fixed roof was successfully completed. It was engineered and manufactured by our company upon the order from Tengizchevroil LLP. 2008 marked successful production of two tanks for fire water T-25 and T-26 with volume of 4,000 sq.m.. During construction of these tanks, for the first time in Kazakhstan new method of erection was implemented by using hydro lifting jacks. These complicated technical engineering equipment is included in class II – tank T-22 – high dangerous degree of danger and a class III – tanks T-25, T-26 – advanced danger. Successful construction will not be possible without clear and congruent actions of management, specialists and personnel of
     another local company, which took part directly in construction of tanks, our partner – “NefteStroyService Ltd.”LLP, manufacturing and delivery of segment hydraulic seals and stoplog obstacles for anti-flood flow on Koksaray counter regulator on the river Syr-Darya in the South Kazakhstan area.
  • In the end of 2009 year delivery of five units of large dimensional complex equipment, which was manufactured in our plant under the contract with JV NC “Kazatomprom”. Current equipment (two absorbers, air tower, pump tank, sulfur-burning stove) is intended for reconstruction of plant on production of sulfuric acid in Stepnogorsk city.



  • Seven drain vessels were manufactured for “Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.”.
  • Company “Enersul” – 4 technological vessels for production and storage of sulfur were manufactured.
  • Eight technological equipment were manufactured for “Halliburton” company.
  • Two receivers were manufactured for “Tengizchevroil”.
  • “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources”: three separators with volume 200 sq.m..
  • “Kazatomprom”: 32 units of technological equipment from stainless steel were manufactured for LLP JV “KATCO”, 2 units of technological equipment for mining company.


  • “Tengizchevroil”, for the project “Expansion of capacities on processing
    of sulfur” degassing contactor, sulfur cooler and sulfur surge vessel were manufactured.
  • Asian gas pipeline: 19 filter separators and 6 cyclone separators for compressor stations of gas pipeline Kazakhstan-China were manufactured.
  • “Arcelor Mittal” – manufacturing and delivery of 13 units of bulky capacitor equipment for reconstruction of oxygen- converter shop, including team storage with diameter400 mm– 4 units; steam drum with diameter200 mm– 3 units, water tank with diameter3 000 mm– 3 units, dezaerator with diameter1500 mm– 3 units.
  • “Karachagank Petroleum Operating B.V.” – expansion drum of the heat carrier was produced, whose internal surface was made of Inconel with 70% of area surfacing.
  • “Kazatomprom”: “KATCO” – 15 units of absorption columns and two units of pitch distributor; ‘MAEK” – 4 heaters of network water; Mining company – horizontal 100 sq.m vessel and vertical 100 sq.m vessel.
  • “Kazstroyservice” – ten vessels for collecting finished propane – butane with volume of 250 sq.m each were produced for Alibekmola field.
  • “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” – a three phase separator with volume 200 sq.m; “Kolzhan” – separator with volume of 25 sq.m, three phase separators with volume of 100 sq.m and 200 sq.m.
  • “Almaty Electric Stations”: Eight heaters of network water, which were integrated into the heat supply system at Almaty TES-2.
  • “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” – five steel bridges were produced (11 passage spans) for railroad bridges on the Zhetigen-Korgas railway, weight of produced metal construction more than 800 tons.
  • In September 2011 LLP “Byelkamit”, LLP “AtyrauNefteMash” and “First Montano Technology” became a single holding company named “SGT Group”. Different geographical position of the three plants allows satisfying the demand of oil production companies in supply of complex large-scale equipment and further after-sales service.
  • Export contract for Turkmenistan Republic on manufacturing of metal construction for auto road bridge is in completion phase.
  • Conclusion of contract with “Sinopec Engineering” on manufacturing of 47 units of technological equipment for reconstruction of “Atyrau Refinery”.


  • Export contract for the Republic of Turkmenistan on production of steel bridge metal construction upon the order of the Russian company “Vozrozhdenie” for Sunopta;
  • Kazcopper – fabrication of 7 units of tanks from stainless steel;
  • Turgai Petroleum – oil and gas separator (capacity 200 m3);
  • Tarbagatay Munai – 4 pig receiver-launcher stations for the project “Sarybulak Gas Field Development”;
  • Kazphosphate LLC – Project “Construction of sulfur-acid workshop” -19 units of non-standard equipment: collectors, vessels, bunkers, mixers and tanks for sulfur storage;
  • Tengizchevroil –  construction completed and in the process: anti surge vessel – 3 units, pig receiver-launcher, sour water stripper, flare drum pot, catalyst injection pot, and closed drain vessel;
  • SIS Engineering – metal constructions for bridge crane, with flight of bridge of 16,6 m, weight-10 tons, with remote radio control;
  • PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources – “Kumkol South process upgrade” and “СFA Expansion of Aryskum oil field” projects: oil and gas separators with volume of 100 m3, 200 m3, 3 units of three phased separators with volume of 50 m3, 100 m3, 2 units of gas condensate separators and input separator;
  • Montazhspetsstroy (the order of KATCO) – 5 units of non-standard equipment: 2 units of air filter, resin distributor, details set, and screw feeder;
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Plant – 2 units of retorts;
  • M-Techservice – scrubber;
  • Pavlodar oil refinery – 10 units of technological equipment, tube bundles 3 units, and accessory equipment;
  • Pervyi Pivzavod – 2 units of stainless steel vessel with capacity of 8 m3 and 50 m3;
  • Gazhaiyp Kurylys – “Production of hard-burned anodes workshop” – 5 units of technological equipment (weight 124 tons) and 4 technological reservoirs;
  • The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 14 units of Argymak;
  • Kazzinc-TEK –  turbine wheel;
  • 5,2м3;
  • Atyrau oil refinery (reconstruction project) – fabrication of vessel with volume of 137м3 and non-standard equipment with volume of
  • WorleyParsons by the order of AGIP KCO – 8 units of technological tanks with volume of 200 m3 and 1500 m3;
  • KazADI – laboratorial crusher;
  • Mangystau Munai Gas – 3 units of settling tanks with volume of 200 m3.



  • LLP «Tengizchevroil» – two tanks with volume of  2000 m3; gravity separator.
  • Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company – “Second phase of development and modernization of Khauzak block of Dengizkul field” project – production and delivery of drainage tanks of oil-field water 50 m3 – 2 units in accordance with ASME codes, horizontal overhead surge vessel with volume of 50 m3.
  • Kazakhmys Aktogay – 10 stainless steel tanks and 2 carbon steel tanks for Aktogay oil field.
  • Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. – oil-water separator from inconel in accordance with
  • ASME code (stamp “U2”) for “Development project of Karachaganak field”.
  • BNK Logistic System – one unit of pig launcher scrapper and one unit of pig receiver scrapper, with 1 200 mm diameter.
  • LLP «CPPLB» – design, production and delivery of two underground tanks for diesel storage with capacity of 10 m3; horizontal underground condensate tank of 10 m3.
  • Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Resources – three phase separator with capacity of 100 m3 – 6 units, condensate separators with volume of 1,6 m3 – 3 units and condensate collector – 4 units.
  • KazStroyService – construction of pipeline Beiney-Bozoi-Shymkent – 7 units of pig launcher-receiver scrapper with 1067 mm diameter, with fast element locker;
  • BKKS LPG – production and delivery of 7 vessels for storage of hydrocarbon gas liquefaction with volume of 250 m3 for Chinarevskoe field; fire tanks with volume of 1000 m3.
  • RMG Gas Technologies – pipe sections for gas measuring unit – 2 items; pipe sections for gas reduction unit – 2 items; Block Box #1 and #2, supporting frames and runways.
  • AtyrauNefteMash – steel structures (1331,7 tons) for plant for the assembly of  large and heavy items; two fire water tanks from carbon steel, with volume of 3000 m3.
  • ALAN BUILDING SYSTEMS – steel structures (250 tons) for plant for the production of pre-fabricated modular
  • buildings.
  • Altynalmas-  elutriation column with capacity of 4,7 m3; acid washing column with volume of 8,6 m3; receivers with volume of 8,5 m3 and 3,5 m3.
  • Metal construction plant – bunker – dispenser (including motor reducer).
  • IT – PARTNERS BUSINESS GROUP – gas separator with capacity of 5,2 m3.
  • MAGNETIC – turnstile for long loads – 2 units, total weight – 6500 kg; 2 units of constructions on turnstile for beams long 24 m, total weight 5400 kg.

  • MО-1 – three railway bridges (with length 27,6 m, 34,2 m and 66,9 m) for railroad Zhezkazgan – Beiney.
  • LLP CC “BAZIS” – production of steel structures for pedestrian crossing on the street Al-Farabi and Dulati.
  • CaspiMunayKurylys – four gaging vessels with volume of 10 m3.
  • Kazakhmys Energy – surge vessel with volume of 5,5 m3.
  • Zhiger – boiler for heating bitumen.
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