Production capabilities

“Byelkamit” LLP has production experience, technical resources, a quality control system with all methods of control and testing of metals meeting the requirements of the ASME and GOST standards, providing quality manufacturing of pressure vessels and other products requiring complex precision machining.


Own design department performs the whole cycle of works, including conceptual design, technological calculations, design development and development of methods of manufacture. All changes are duly documented in accordance with ISO-9001 quality system.
The project documentation is issued according to the technical specifications of domestic and foreign customers in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

Forming operations

Torospherical Heads (pseudo elliptical) Size, mm
Wall thickness of torospherical head 4 – 40
Max. diameter of head 6 000
Min. diameter of head 500
Prefabrication steel sheets Size, mm
Max. thickness of sheet for rolling 80
Max. width of sheet for rolling 3 000
Max. thickness of sheet for bending 10
Max. length of sheet for bending 5000
Maximum dimensions of products* Size, mm
Total weight Up to 100 tons
Max. dimensions 5,5m х 5,5m х 42m

Note: Manufacture of larger and heavier products is done at the affiliated company in Atyrau.

Welding types


Heat treatment

For the post-welding heat treatment of all types of steel in manufacturing of thick-wall pressure vessels company uses flame furnace with a chamber size 4,5m × 4,5m ×10m and a maximum temperature of 700 ° C.
For products with an outer diameter up to 1100 mm, an electric furnace with a heating temperature up to 1000 ° C is used.
The company also has the capabilities of heat treatment of oversized vessels.